On Spam, Lectori Salutem #6

Computer milled composite letters on bridge, 2017.

The Erasmusbridge is the number one landmark in the city of Rotterdam and in 2006 I made it my private postal address for nine weeks by attaching a mailbox to the main pylon. As a sequel of sorts the FRANK Foundation Rotterdam asked me to make a new work as part of their Playing The Erasmus Bridge (P.T.E.B.) project.

Meanwhile at the Erasmusbridge

On Spam, Lectori Salutem #6 is a text taken from my spamfilter and a subtle thank you to the many holiday greetings I was lucky enough to receive in my mailbox on that exact same location ten years earlier. For the people who don’t know the story of mailbox, including the many tourist who walk the bridge every day, it is mostly a friendly greeting that might raise a few questions.

Meanwhile at the Erasmusbridge

(pictures by Erwin Nederhoff)

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